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 Claudia da Silva

Registered Counsellor & Clinical Supervisor MACA- 7433

About me

I am passionate about counselling and psychotherapy, having worked for couples and individuals over 25 years. 
I have long felt that I was born to provide those around me with assistance. This journey started in hospitals where I worked as a nurse in emergency trauma. This is where I was first exposed to human suffering and where my desire to truly help was born. I became privileged to be a part of my patients physical and emotional healing

This journey taught me about Human’s pain, suffering, life and death and led me to the discovery that there is no separation between the body, mind and soul. We are complex and wonderful resilient beings!
So, I decided to study the emotional aspects of healing, which for me, the highlighted uniqueness of an individual where my role is to simply to hold a space which safely assists and supports this.

About my professional Qualifications

I have overseas qualifications in Psychology and having lived in Australia for the last 18 years, have had the opportunity to integrate my studies with my lived experience in my understanding of the effects and impact that migration can have and the associated grief and loss process. This also led me to design and run a Multicultural Women’s Group where I worked with women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, supporting them as a group to empower themselves in new land while understanding and adjusting to diversity. 

I believe my own challenges and experiences have molded and strengthened me both personally and as a therapist. Yes! I can relate and I can put myself in their shoes!

I feel privileged each time a client walks through my door and I am committed to helping my clients uncover and understand what has brought them to me. It is truly an honor to walk with them in their journey. My continued desire and passion to learn drove me to recently complete Post-Graduation in Emotionally Focused Therapy which has complemented my Psychodynamic/Psychodrama training and over 25 years of experience in counselling individuals and couples and families.

I had worked for the Royal Commission on Investigation of sexual abuse in Institutions for 4 years and I’m proud to had helped survivors of sexual abuse in Institutions. I’ve also undertaken specialized training in relationships, trauma informed practice and group facilitation. As a member of Australian College of Supervisors, I am also passionate about mentoring practitioners through reflective practice supervision in English and Portuguese/Brazilian Language. 
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About Diversity

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All Hands In

Earning Criteria

Recipients must complete the earning criteria to earn those Badges.

Graduated from an ACA accredited/approved Bachelor of Counselling (AQF Level 7) or Masters of Counselling (AQF level 9) and; a. Completed a minimum four years post qualification supervised counselling practice plus; i. complete a minimum of 1000 x supervised client contact hours plus; and ii. complete a minimum of 100 hours of professional supervision. Additionally, a registered counsellor must complete a minimum of 25 points of ACA approved Ongoing Professional Development per annum and 10 hours of professional supervision.

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