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About me 

 Claudia da Silva


Registered Supervisor


Clinical Senior Counsellor -

Trauma-Informed Supervision

(Registration Number: ACA-7433 & PAFCA-29996


I am passionate about supervision and psychotherapy, having dedicated over 28 years of my career to working with couples, individuals, and people suffering from the impact of trauma in their lives.

My journey began in hospitals, where I worked as a nurse in emergency trauma. It was during this time that I witnessed the depths of human suffering, igniting a deep desire within me to provide genuine assistance and support. Being a part of my patient's physical and emotional healing journey was a privilege that shaped my understanding of pain, suffering, life, and death.

This profound experience led me to the realization that there is no separation between the body, mind, and soul. We are intricate and resilient beings, capable of incredible growth and transformation. 

The migration to Australian 21 years ago was another turn point in my professional life and another transformation process point transforming my view about belonging, grief & loss processes. 

Throughout my career, I have expanded my expertise to include working with complex needs children, adults with dementia, and clients who have experienced trauma, particularly those affected by family domestic violence and historical child sexual abuse.

During my supervisor role, I had the privilege of working with esteemed no-for-profit organisations, specifically Interrelate in NSW and Anglicare in WA. Within these organisations, I took on the responsibility of facilitating both group and individual supervision sessions for dedicated professionals such as counsellors, psychologists, and social workers.

My experience with Interrelate-NSW and Anglicare-WA was truly exceptional, as it allowed me to contribute to the invaluable work carried out by these vital organizations in Australia. I was entrusted with overseeing various programs, including post-separation support for parents and children, Family & Couples counseling, and addressing the sensitive issue of child sexual abuse (CSATs) in colaboration with the Departament of Community Services.

Being a part of these organizations provided me with a profound understanding of the critical nature of my role as a supervisor. Through my guidance and support, I aimed to foster professional growth and enhance the skills of the counselors, psychologists, and social workers under my supervision. By ensuring their adherence to ethical standards and best practices, I played a significant role in maintaining the high-quality services provided to clients and communities.

Motivated by this understanding, I decided to pursue the study of the emotional aspects of healing. For me, the unique and individual journey of each person stands out. As a clinical supervisor and psychotherapist, my role is to create a safe and supportive space for supervisees. Within this space, I aim to assist and support individuals as they navigate their own paths of healing, self-discovery, and professional growth.

I firmly believe that supervision provides an opportunity for individuals to explore and reflect upon their work with clients, their emotions, thoughts, and experiences in therapy sessions. It allows for gaining insight into counter and parallel processes, promoting personal and professional growth. Being a part of this transformative process is an honour, and I am deeply committed to accompanying my supervisees on their journey towards greater well-being and professional realisation.

If you seek support and guidance in your practice, I am here to hold that space for you. Together, we can explore and navigate the complexities of supervision, fostering resilience, and empowering you to offer the best practice for your clients.

I invite you to reach out to me for support and guidance. Let us embark on this journey together, helping you thrive in your professional endeavours.

Claudia S_Rebranding Logo HR01png-03.png

My professional qualifications 

I have a diverse range of professional qualifications and experiences that have shaped my career in Supervision and psychotherapy. These include:

• Overseas qualifications in bachelor’s degree Clinical Psychology-Brazil.

• Designing and running a Multicultural Women's Group, working with women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds-NSW

• Post-Graduation in Emotionally Focused Therapy with Dr Michelle Webster- Annandale Institute-NSW

• Training in Psychodynamic/Psychodrama approaches-IPPGC


• Over 25 years of experience in counselling individuals, couples, and families.


• Working for the Royal Commission on the Investigation of Sexual Abuse in Institutions for 4 years, where I had the opportunity to assist survivors of sexual abuse supporting them their private sessions-NSW


• Specialized training in relationships, trauma-informed practice, and group facilitation.


• Membership in the Australian College of Supervisors, with a passion for mentoring practitioners through reflective practice supervision-RAISE UP Model


• Fluency in English, Portuguese & Spanish

With my expertise in a wide range of therapeutic approaches I can consider myself as an eclectic therapist and believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship, I have extensive experience in counselling and trauma work, and commitment to ongoing professional development, I am well-equipped to provide comprehensive support to my supervisees. I am dedicated to assisting supervisees from diverse backgrounds and creating a safe and inclusive therapeutic environment. I consider myself a Neurodiverse Supervisor, with a culture-sensitive approach, and proud to support First Nations people.


Moreover, as a member of the Australian College of Supervisors, I am enthusiastic about mentoring practitioners through reflective practice supervision, helping them enhance their skills and professional growth.


I am convenor and founder of the ACA Brazilian Chapter. This proficiency enables me to support clients and supervises effectively and empathetically while respecting their cultural and linguistic needs.


I look forward to the opportunity to support you on your journey towards healing, growth, and professional development.

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Registered Counsellor





ACA 7433

PAFCA 29996

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